Hamilton the Ham
The Missing Sweater

One windy evening, when Maggie, Beast, Hamilton, and Nedley are playing cards, the wind blows the cards all over the place. They pick them up, but then it is time to go home. Nedley says he is cold, so Hamilton lends Nedley his sweater. The next day, Hamilton wants his sweater back, but Nedley is still wearing it, and he has gotten carrot stains on it, which upsets Hamilton. They invite Nedley to play cards on the beach in hopes that Nedley will get too hot and take the sweater off, but he doesn't. Hamilton becomes depressed, and Nedley realizes he has made a mistake by not giving back the sweater. So he apologizes to Hamilton and gives back the sweater, and Hamilton forgives him. Nedley invites him to come back and play cards, but Hamilton says he wants to go put his sweater in the laundry.