"Spot the Spot", is episode 1B of the second full-length episode of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. It is the second 8-minute episode of the series. Along with, "My One and Only Box", it was released on August 26, 2000.


How many spots does a Ferocious Beast have? Maggie and Hamilton find out that counting them is not as easy as you would think! When she tries to count the spots on the Beast's back, Maggie finds herself caught up a tree and her friends have to help her get back down.

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The story begins with Beast standing upside-down as he is trying to count his polka-dot spots. He counts them as, one googly moogly, two googly moogly, etc. Maggie and Hamilton drop in and ask what he is doing. He says he is counting his polka dot spots. Maggie and Hamilton volunteer to help him count, while Maggie is counting on one side, and Hamilton is counting on the other side. Maggie decides to tickle Beast a little, but it gets too tense that Beast almost collapses on Hamilton.

Beast is upside-down again while Hamilton and Maggie have to start over. Beast accidentally knocks over a coconut from the fruit tree, and then it lands on the ground and throwing a bunch of pumpkins into the air. Maggie then remarks that Beast is really tall, so she has to get taller to count his spots. Maggie then sits on a tree.

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Maggie - 1 - My One and Only Box Spot the Spot Recipe for Trouble

Maggie - 1 - My One and Only Box Spot the Spot Recipe for Trouble