Rudy is a small white mouse with long black whiskers and has a long tail. He is slightly taller than a jelly bean. He lives in a large yellow cheese shaped house somewhere in Nowhere Land. He is friends with Beast, Hamilton, Maggie, the Jelly Bean Team and Nedley. Rudy wears a yellow shirt with a dark red vest, blue pants, a black top hat and black boots. His top hat is permanently glued onto his head and his boots are permanently glued onto his feet and they cannot be taken off so he doesn't have to worry about losing them even in really heavy storms or on fast rides like roller coasters. Since he's a mouse, his favorite food is most likely anything that is cheese especially cheese on toast. Hamilton once made him a gingerbread house but unfortunately, much to his dismay, he ate the whole of it, most likely with The Jelly Bean Team. Rudy, along with Beast, Hamilton, and Maggie, once went to Cake Town and they all ate too much out of several of the cakes which caused all of them to have severe stomachaches. Rudy once tried to get milk out of a large heavy coconut much to his dismay, so Beast, Hamilton, and Maggie all helped him to crack open the coconut and they all had coconut milk to drink. Rudy made his first appearance most likely in 2000 and he made his last appearance most likely in 2002. He is most likely friends with all of the characters in the show.