"My One and Only Box" is episode 1A of the first full-length episode of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. This is the first ever 8-minute episode of the series. It first aired on August 26, 2000.


Hamilton uses his box as a sled, but then there is a tear in it, and Hamilton is very remorseful.

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The show starts with snow falling on the ground, and footprints belonging to Maggie, Hamilton, and Beast, as they walk down the snow-covered hill. The first activity to do is trying to lick snowflakes. Then, Maggie decides to make a snow castle, and Beast decides to make an ice cream cone made out of snow, called a snow cone. Hamilton grabs a hat and scarf for Beast so he does not get cold. Hamilton then says he is a "snow beast".

Maggie asks Beast to borrow one of his polkadot spots, because Maggie's scarf keeps getting in her face. Beast takes a bite out of the snow cone he made. The next activity to do is making snow angels. Maggie throws a snowball in the air, and it creates more snow.

The next activity to do is snowball fighting. After snowball fighting, Beast acts like a bulldozer, and makes a larger snowball to roll down the hill. The next activity to do is sledding without a sled. Hamilton cannot find a good sled, so he uses his box. Unfortunately, he falls out of the box, and Beast catches him.

The results leave Hamilton shocked and deeply sad. He sings a song of remorse explaining that his cardboard box is not just an ordinary box, but it is also his home. Beast suggests that one of his spots can fix Hamilton's box, and it worked. Maggie and Hamilton use Beast as their sled instead. And they sled happily down hill, and Hamilton remarks, "You really are a snow beast!"

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Maggie - 1 - My One and Only Box Spot the Spot Recipe for Trouble

Maggie - 1 - My One and Only Box Spot the Spot Recipe for Trouble



  • This is the first full-length episode of the series.


  • When everyone looks at Hamilton's broken box, Maggie is wearing her regular mary-jeans instead of her boots. But later, she is wearing her boots again.