Maggie is an artist, and her palette is the world! She has drawn the map of Nowhere Land directly from her own imagination, as a place for her beloved friends, Hamilton and the Beast to live. Maggie loves colour and delights in a blade of emerald grass, a speckled Robin's egg, a tutti
frutti jelly bean, or one of Ferocious Beast's bright polka dot red spots. If Maggie had a favourite colour, it would be the rainbow! She is a 5-year-old girl who is a best friend to both Hamilton and the Beast. Maggie is looked up to by them very much and is looked to for advice and guidance throughout many of the situations they encounter. Maggie is the voice of reason among the group and also acts as a leader. She is kindhearted and considerate to their feelings. She is a desired best friend.


Maggie has peach skin and orange hair. Her dress is blue and her shirt is yellow. She has a tan hat with a red bandana wrapped around it. Maggie's shoes are black. She wears yellow socks.


Maggie has appeared in every episode of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.