Jelly Beans
The Jelly Bean Team is a group of jelly beans, who view the magical world of Nowhere Land from an ant's-eye view. They sometimes argue amongst themselves, letting small differences get between them, but with some helping words from Maggie they always manage to remember that they are a team! Just imagine how truly gigantic the Ferocious Beast must seem to Nowhere Land's smallest candy-coated characters, the Jelly Beans. They are all good friends with Maggie, the Beast, Hamilton, and almost everyone in Nowhere Land.


Each Jelly Bean is a different color. Two of them are green, but with two different green hats. The only girl jelly bean is purple. One is red with a beanie hat colored a darker shade of red. Another Jelly Bean is black with a white hat. A yellow jelly bean is dressed like a cowboy (with a sombrero and two cowboy boots). The last member of the Jelly Bean Team is orange. He has a dark orange hat.


The Jelly Beans have appeared in many episodes of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. Their first appearance was in What's in the Bag?.