Hamilton the Ham
Hamilton's Important Letter

Let me tell you about this episode. It had me living in fear for a good year or two.

First, this episode is about Hamilton's "H" sweater missing the letter H. It's because the sweater was inside out, but he didn't know that. Maggie wears a princess hat instead of her exploring hat. Hamilton looks in his box for letters but can only find a B. Maggie makes a hat with the letter H on it for Hamilton, but he doesn't like the hat. When Hamilton takes off his sweater, he finds he was wearing it inside out. When he puts it on again, he puts it on backwards!

Now for my experience with that terrible episode.

Once, I was in a room where Noggin was on. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast was the show playing at the time. I made a guild on Neopets, so I was in a good mood at the time. But the episode on was horrible. It was called “Hamilton’s Important Letter”, but I didn’t know that at the time.

I avoided the room with that TV because Noggin was always on. Then, we had to move it into the room where my computer was. I was afraid of that episode coming on again, and I couldn’t even turn it off when I saw the title because I didn’t know it. So I scheduled outings for when it came on.

I lived in fear of that episode. Once, I was scared to get out of bed because Maggie and the Ferocious Beast was on. I even had bad dreams about it. When another channel that served as a distraction for the person who wanted to watch Noggin switched its lineup, that person didn’t want to watch the channel anymore, so he had to watch Noggin. I was still scared of the episode.

If only I had known that Noggin stopped airing Maggie and the Ferocious Beast when the other channel switched its lineup…