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Beast is one of the three main protagonists in the series. Contrary to his name, Ferocious Beast is not very ferocious nor frightening. He can shout very loud, but still is not scary. Though the beast has a very big and bold appearance, he is very soft and sensitive on the inside. The Ferocious Beast loves many kinds of food, but really loves pumpkins and finds a large pumpkin patch in Nowhere Land. He also loves baths and Hamilton's cooking. Maggie and Hamilton are the Ferocious Beast's best friends. The Ferocious Beast is warm and cuddly, like a dog.


The Ferocious Beast, who, ironically, is not ferocious at all, is a main character in the Maggie and the Ferocious Beast television series. The Beast is not very scary or ferocious, however, he can shout louder than anybody. He is yellow, with big red removable spots, and three horns on his head. His favorite catchphrase is "Great googly moogly!", which he says several times per episode. He is just a big softy, despite his bold appearance. The Beast loves pumpkins, which is convenient since there is an impressive pumpkin patch in Nowhere Land. As a matter of fact, Beast loves pretty much any kind of food and is almost always hungry. He even loves baths. He loves Hamilton's cooking. Maggie and Hamilton are his best friends. He wears multi-colored galoshes which he pronounces as "Goo-loshes." Hamilton always corrects him about the pronunciation, but he doesn't believe him.


The Beast is yellow with red spots, which are removable. His eyes are white with black pupils. He has three horns on top of his big head.


Beast has appeared in every episode of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. His first appearance in the television series was in My One and Only Box. His last appearance was in Nedley's Glasses.