Stubs are articles which have been created but have little information, lack proper lay out, or are under sized in comparison of the subject matter they deal with.

Identifying stubs

If an article lacks comprehensive information on a subject, for instance it is just a few lines long, then it should be expanded.

To mark a stub, use the

template. Once it has been placed on an article, a box that looks like this will show up on the article:

The stub tag just be placed at the very top of the article (the very first line) so that it is more noticeable.

Expanding sections

Articles that have enough information, templates, images, and interwiki links should have their stub tag removed, but if they still have room for expansion, then the sections that need to be expanded should be marked with the Template:Tl tag.

For example:


These two lines of code will create:


This will encourage editors to add to that section. If you see this box in a section and feel you know something or other that can be included, feel free to add. Remember to cite your information!

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