Maggie, Hamilton, Rudy and the beast decide they want to visit cake town. So they set off and stop along the way where they see thirsty tiger lilies that actually meow.

The trio quench the flowers' thirst and resume in going to cake town.

When they arrive, they see a wedding cake. Maggie and Hamilton pretend to be marrying each other while Rudy scurries off to feast on cheesecake.

The beast finds a fudge cake that they all eat together. They all go crazy on the amount of cakes they eat--and by noon, they are lazy and stuffed.

To end the episode, they all sing how bad their tummy hurts in the 'here comes the bride' tune.


  • The three songs (The wedding song, a song about how Rudy loves cheese, and "I/We Ate the Cake", which is sung twice) all use the same melody.


Maggie and beast Dubbs 4

Maggie and beast Dubbs 4

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